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LMS Backend Management

Build impressive courses easily thanks to the amazing, powerful yet simple LMS Backend UX. By making it user-oriented, efficient, and simple we wanted you to get the maximum use from the backend panel. Being visually attractive, the learning system also manages great to keep a clear and concise structure of the admin panel so you could instinctively navigate through options.

Single Courses
Group Courses
Private Messaging

Zoom Conference
Live Streams
Point System
Statistics and Payouts


Trial Courses

Provide an opportunity for your potential students to try the first lessons of your course for free. For example, you will post a course and will open the first tutorial to the public for free. However, students that would like to continue watching your tutorials will not have access to your next tutorials until they buy it.

Prerequisite course

Ask users to take one course before taking the other for a better learning experience. Set prerequisite rules and reserve enrollment for students who fulfill eligibility criteria and prevent others from enrolling. Use this strategic option to accept students to the courses in a particular order.

Lesson Types

Don’t stick to the one type of lesson. Take advantage of the options provided. We developed our LMS with a well-defined approach in mind. And the main point of this was to make it diverse. As a result, you have three variations of lessons to work with: video, slides, and text.

Course attachments

Attach learning materials directly to the course or lesson. The nice and handy interface will make it really simple to upload any type of files, offering more value to your students.

Course Bundles

Sell multiple courses in one package. Increase your revenue and provide advanced offers to learners with the bundles.

Course Summary

Check the status and results after students has finish the course on the Course Summary Page. This function will summarize the successes and showcase the results.

The Gradebook

Analyze statistics about the students: who attend, who complete the course and who have passed the quizzes.

As a tutor, you will be able to track the number of people attending your course. Further, you will have statistics in percentage about students who have completed a course, who are currently enrolled in the course and who have passed the quiz as well as the average progress of the course attendees.

Drip content

Adjust the sequence of your courses and decide what lesson should follow the previous one.

1. Lock lessons sequentially, do not provide access to the second lesson until the completion of the first one.

2. Set up your own sequence. Customize the sequence of lessons and sections according to your needs.

3. Lock lessons until their start date. Schedule stream lessons and make them unavailable prior to the start time.

4. Set the specific time after the course purchase, after which it can be unlocked by the student.

5. Students will not have access to the second lesson until the completer first one.

6. You can have your own sequence. You can customize the sequence of lessons, sections.

Assignment Feature

This feature allows you to add assignments to a lesson in addition to or instead of a quiz. There are 2 types of assignments: upload and essay.

The instructor can check the student’s work, grade their performance and leave notes on the assignments.

You will benefit from transparent learning process and a new way of grading the students. Get the maximum from the new feature. Ask your students to attach supplementary files to the essay in order to support their answers.

Enjoy the flexibility and variety of options, monitor and evaluate students’ progress.


One course – multiple instructors. Co-instructor is a notable feature that provides an option for teachers to assign one more instructor to the course.

Lead classes with your workmate. This feature enables website instructors to assign an additional teacher to the course. Share responsibilities and create opportunities for cooperation between students and teachers.

Get extra help with the delivery of the course and enjoy the benefits of having a co-instructor join you.

101 Lessons Live Streaming

The more is yet to come! Think there is a lack of live communication and interaction? We have considered it and launched a Live Stream, so you can conduct lectures in real-time. Communicate with the students, stream lessons, allow learners to follow the content and ask questions straight away via the comment section.

Zoom Video Conferencing

Enjoy the flexibility of the powerful features of Zoom Web Conferencing and get access directly through LMS thanks to Zoom integration. Schools and Universities can enhance their virtual programs by allowing their learners to access high-quality video sessions through desktop and mobile. Create and manage Zoom Meetings directly from your LMS!

Live Streams

Live streams provide a tremendous opportunity for tutors to make online webinars supported with online live chat and lecture materials. Teachers may read the question online and answer them. Unlike other webinars and online streams, the Live Stream will not be deleted. Instead, students will find webinars and online lessons on the account page even if they missed the webinar.

Message System, Live Chat

Students might be able to follow the lecture and immediately ask questions from tutors while the lecturer explains the topic. Students will feel on-hand assistance from the lecturer. As a consequence, the lectures will be more engaging and understandable to students.

Lesson Materials

Tutors can stream the lecture and include their presentations and content to the Live Stream. Students will see the lecturer and the study materials simultaneously on the screen. The supported lecture materials as a presentation or any other content ensure that tutors will be able to transmit the same amount of the information as in the usual class.


Through the announcement system instructors can communicate with students and post interesting topics and news.

And much more...

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